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A club built for lovers of all genres of rock music and culture, and a venue for live music, DJ's, parties, contests and art.

Welcome Centre

Welcome to sinespace, a virtual world built for creators by creators! To explore other worlds click on the "explore" button.

The Assembly

Technical Office Hours Region

Venice Beach

A large beach... or are you tiny??


The home of Gothika. Where every day is halloween. A cursed island shrouded and locked in impenetrable mist.




Loft conversion with fixie leaning nonchalantly against the wall


No description.

Zone 54B

You're a long way from home, pardner.
Only in sinespace!

All these regions has been built using our creator tools, anyone can get started and build new experiences and regions today! If you want to check it out (as either a creator or a visitor), signing up is free, and we have a fantastic set of virtual world developer tools to play with!