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Virtual Expo TechnoCLIL 2018

Virtual Expo TechnoCLIL 2018

Virtual Expo Showcase

Virtual Expo Showcase

VirtualExpo Portal

VirtualExpo Portal

Flower Farm

A simple farm house with four flower fields, a pond, and some birds surrounded by a forest. All assets and textures used in this are free assets.

Winter Festival Aero Pines Park

The 11th annual Winter Festival at Aero Pines Park

sinespace learning

sinespace learning

Paradise Lost

A Beautiful Unspoiled Land where mythical creatures abide.

Woodland scene

First teaching area

Greedy Greedy Tournament

The greediest, craziest, risk taking, time travelling, genius maniacs in the cosmos invite you to: The Greedy Greedy Tournament! Simple to play. An insanely fun casual multiplayer game.

Castle Greed

Castle Greed


A place where the small differences in us disappear.

CoConut Joe's

Come Relaze On The Water.

Virtual Expo

Virtual Expo 2018

Country Cabin Zadaroo

Created in Second Life, imported from free OAR File created by Zadaroo

Oil Rig at Night

RGU Oil Rig at Night. 3D mesh models by Colin Hetherington, Robert Gordons University Oil and Gas Centre, Aberdeen. OpenSim OAR conversion and Unity builds by Ai Austin.

Futuristic park

Size ~600MB. V0.61 beta from 19 Feb - better mixed lighting (Enlighten baker), better Fog Volume clouds, minor things to test before moving forward.

Space City

Gerry Anderson's Black Rock Laboratory and Supercar. Space City and Fireball XL5. Marineville and Stingray. Thunderbirds and Space:1999. Models by Gerry Anderson Model Makers Alliance (GAMMA).


A reloaded version of this Madfinger Games classic Shadowgun game provided in 2012 for free use by game designers who downloaded the source files of Shadowgun: Deadzone GM's Kit: https://www.assetsto

The Delphi Talks

The Delphi ruins below Mount Parnassus

The 381 Club

The 381 Club for fun. Best of the 80's when no live DJ's, Live DJ's playing the best tunes from across ages.

Hollows Ville

Hollows Ville. A town where magic abounds. Due to a curse the people of Hollows Ville have to relive old Hollows night over and over. Will you be the one to wield the power and break the curse?


This is a tropical environment originally created by Linda Kellie and provided as open source as an OAR on


Find the artifacts and learn the secrets of this elite society as you uncover the conspiracy and weave your way through this ancient town.

GuitaraHalla in 50s

Black and white version of GuitaraHalla, for people who love black and white movies.


The Relics of Verne (ROV) is a Steampunk game starting in the home of Jules Verne to find the lost secrets and save all mankind.


A club built for lovers of all genres of rock music and culture, and a venue for live music, DJ's, parties, contests and art.

Drax Files

the drax files radio hour: space edition

Nature Quest

ECHRINA needs your help to stay alive. Explore and interact with others as you learn about plants and what it takes to make them grow and blossom!

Salvador Asylum

Salvador Asylum Visitor Center


Genealogy Application. GEDCOM reader
Only in sinespace!

All these regions has been built using our creator tools, anyone can get started and build new experiences and regions today! If you want to check it out (as either a creator or a visitor), signing up is free, and we have a fantastic set of virtual world developer tools to play with!